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Company presentation



The business activity of our company RAIGRAF, Damijan Hočevar s.p., includes the manufacturing of labels for product labelling and is placed in the field of graphic design.

Our company was established in 1985. We gained the necessary experience throughout all these years of successful business and we still prove ourselves to be highly efficient. We established ourselves on the market relatively fast and we pride on having concluded over 50 co-operational business contracts. These successful results are due to our top quality products, competitive prices, flexibility, daily supply and complete reliability.

The best promotion of our company is indeed a customer satisfied with our products.

We started by manufacturing labels for textile manufacturers. During years, the company grew and became a family company. This particular organisational form made it possible to cut down the costs to minimum and to invest profits into new technologies and development. We created a complete offer and thus satisfied demands of our customers, who can now order several graphic design products from the same supplier. We carry out all activities necessary for a successful visual presentation of a company. Our satisfied customers can be your guidance when choosing your business partner.

You are welcome to try our services!

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